7 Practical Ways to Live a More Active Lifestyle

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Many of the choices we make in today's ridiculously fast-paced world are decided upon two simple questions that we ask ourselves...

  1. "How long will this take? I'm busy busy busy! So the quickest option will be the best."
  2. "Will this require much energy? I'm pretty darn exhausted, so lets just go with whatever's easiest!"

Sound familiar? It's no surprise to us as chiropractors, that new studies are finding huge health benefits for people who live a simple and active lifestyle (something that should be pretty easy to do in a city as beautiful as Mandurah). Health benefits have even been found to be equal to that of those who spend time exercising at the gym. Just by making a few small changes to your day, you can potentially: improve your back and neck pain; prevent high blood pressure, lose weight; and lower your stress levels.

The basic premise behind bringing more activity into your day is a simple one - where possible go technology-free! Most common chores, you wouldn't even consider as exercise, so you can easily be included into your daily routine:

  • With so many new shoppings centres around Mandurah (Greenfields, Halls Head and Seascapes...just to name a few), most people now live within walking distance of their nearest supermarket. So make a conscious effort to walk or ride down to the shops instead of using the car next time you're just grabbing a few things. 
  • Time to get rid of those winter weeds? Gardening for just 30 minutes will not only work your upper body and get in some squats, but your yard will look better for it.
  • You're out in the garden (thanks to the previous tip) and notice all the neighbours leaves have blown onto your lawn...don't get angry with the blower-vac. Just remember that you have a rake hidden somewhere in the depths of your shed/garage that you could use instead. 
  • Got a heavy toddler? Great! Pushing that pram for a couple of kilometres around the park will be a great workout.
  • Mandurah is beautiful. Get outside and take some photos! You will be the envy of all your Facebook friends who are cooped up indoors.
  • Notice that the car is overdue for a clean? Don't go through the nearest automatic car wash, but rather get outside in the sun and give it a hand-wash!
  • "Wax on...Wax off" - washing the windows for 30 minutes and you might just end up being a blackbelt in karate. 

So if you're unable to make time for the gym or find that it’s too expensive - never fear! You can still be healthy by getting some exercise in a much more practical way.