Low Back Pain
Involves the muscles, nerves, or bones of the back and can vary from a dull constant ache to a sudden sharp feeling


Mid / Upper Back Pain
Discomfort felt in the middle back region and can include the area where the rib cage connects to the chest.


Neck Pain or Stiffness
May arise from muscular tightness or pinched nerves and can be felt as a sharp pain, a dull ache or headache.


Headaches & Migraines
Pain anywhere in the region of the head which can occur as a result of many conditions, whether serious or not.


Lumbar Disc Bulge
A lumbar herniated disc can cause back pain and symptoms of sciatica with pain, numbness or weakness in the leg & foot.


Cervical Disc Bulge
A cervical herniated disc can cause neck pain, arm pain and headaches with numbness or weakness into the arm & hand.


Narrowing of the spinal canal or bone spurs can cause pressure on the nerves resulting in pain, numbness and weakness.


Sports Injuries
Chiropractors are trained extensively in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of various sports injuries.