Research Finds Pain Killer Worse Than Placebo for Sciatica

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A recent study published in a respected medical journal found that Lyrica (also known as Pregabalin) - the most commonly prescribed medicine for nerve pain - failed to show any benefit for people with sciatica when compared against a placebo. The study also found that the group who took Lyrica had a significantly higher number of ‘adverse events,’ with dizziness as a common side-effect to the drug. 

Sciatica is a collection of symptoms affecting the leg, indicating that there is a problem with the sciatic nerve in that leg. It can be a very painful and debilitating condition, often leaving people desperate for relief.

According to researchers, 12 percent of the world's population now have low back pain and between 5-10 percent of those also have sciatica. It is for this reason that low back pain is considered the world’s leading cause of disability, and one of the most common conditions we treat at Waters Family Chiropractic in Mandurah. 

Researchers conducted the study because they were concerned about the rising use of Lyrica for sciatica and back pain despite evidence for its effectiveness. 

“Our next step is to educate doctors that the medicine doesn't work, present the results at different conferences and raise more awareness,” said Dr. Chris Maher, one of the study’s authors.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first study to find pain medication as ineffective for treating low back pain, with a similar study finding paracetamol to be no better than placebo for low back pain.

It’s not all doom and gloom however. We have already put together a heap of helpful hints to improving your back pain and reducing pain.

Reference: The Washington Post - 'A Painkiller Found to be No Better Than a Placebo for Sciatica'