Feel Awesome with Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment is much more gentle than most people imagine, involving a quick, direct movement to a specific spinal joint. At Waters Family Chiropractic, there is no bone snapping or warrior-style pulling heads off spinal columns! Most people after a chiropractic adjustment describe feeling “lighter”, having greater ease in moving the body, and being able to stand up taller.

There are a number of benefits to chiropractic adjustments, some of which you may not have realised. Ever wondered how chiropractic adjustments make you feel so good? Here are just a few of the reasons why chiropractic adjustments are great for your health and help you get your #happyback:

1. Releases endorphins: Movement of the spinal joints through chiropractic adjustments releases endorphins. Not only does the release of endorphins bring with it near instant pain relief; it also causes relaxation of nearby tight muscles which may be pinching on nerves. 

2. Improves nutrient supply: Joints in your spine are particularly vulnerable to becoming 'locked' or 'restricted.' Due to the lack of blood supply to a joint, a joint receives it's nutrients through motion of synovial fluid. By performing a chiropractic adjustment, the joint is free'd, allowing synovial fluid movement to once again provide fresh nutrients to all parts of the joint.

3. Reduces physical pressure on nerves: Your nervous system is the control center of your body, and just like us, it does not function well under pressure. Misaligned joints interfere with proper nerve conduction by either physically pressing on a nerve, or by causing inflammation when 'rubbing' the nerve. A chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure on the nervous system through movement of the joint to the correct position.

4. Improves joint function: Chiropractic adjustments take a joint through its full range of motion and retrain the body in the correct motion of that joint. This retraining creates a functional correction to the pattern of joint movement which also provides pain relief.