Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation

1. Eat a diet to fuel your joints.
Organic vegetables full of vitamins and nutrients (zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms); seasonings instead of salt to spice up your tastebuds (including ginger, garlic, cinnamon); fruits that are full of nutrients and fibre (apple, pomegranate); and beans that are packed with protein (like chick peas and lentils)

2. Ditch the coffee and drink green tea.
Green tea protects your cartilage, reduces the rate of bone loss, and is a powerful inflammation fighter.

3. Eat fibre—filled snacks.
Eating snacks high in fibre not only reduces inflammation, but adds to the feeling of fullness and bridges the gap between meals. Munching on apple slices is much better for you than a bag of potato chips.

4. Lose the carbs.
Eating high amounts of white breads and pastas cause insulin to be secreted, a pro-inflammatory hormone. Unless you are performing high-intensity exercise to burn up the extra fuel, carbs will eventually be stored as fat.

5. Power up your protein.
Go for lean cuts of grass-fed beef or wild salmon to boost your protein. These powerful protein sources will provide healthy fats as well as inflammation-fighting Omega-3 that will help keep you trim and give your joints some relief.

6. Choose the right supplements.
Anti-inflammatory supplements include: fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, flax seed oil, ginger, and zinc. Powdered forms, if available, are easier to digest and more readily available for the body to absorb than capsule forms. Keep in mind that the least expensive brand is not likely the best quality.

7. Keep those joints moving.
Regular chiropractic care is a gentle and effective way to improve mobility, reduce swelling and relieve pain associated with inflammation.

8. Exercise each day
Add aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises to your day. If you're in pain: walk, use light weights, and gently stretch.