Need some Stress Relief?

Give Box or Square Breathing a try…

What is Box Breathing? 

Box breathing, or square breathing, is a technique used when taking slow and deep breaths. It has been shown to heighten performance and concentration while also being a powerful stress reliever. (Don’t we all need more of that?!)

This technique can be beneficial to anyone, especially those who want to meditate or reduce stress. 

Benefits of box breathing

According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s sufficient evidence that intentional deep breathing can actually calm and regulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS). (How amazing is that? Another tool that works with Chiropractic) 

  • It can lower blood pressure and provide an almost immediate sense of calm.

  • It affects the cardio-inhibitor response of the vagus nerve when you exhale and stimulates your parasympathetic system. This produces a calm and relaxed feeling in the mind and body.

  • Box breathing can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Step 1: Slowly exhale

Sitting upright or lie down flat if your prefer, slowly exhale through your mouth, get all the oxygen out of your lungs. Be  intentional and be conscious of what you’re doing.

Step 2: Slowly inhale

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose to the count of four. In this step, count to four very slowly in your head.

Feel the air fill your lungs, one section at a time, until your lungs are completely full and the air moves into your abdomen.

Step 3: Hold your breath

Hold your breath for another slow count of four.

Step 4: Exhale again

Exhale through your mouth for the same slow count of four, letting the air out from your lungs and abdomen.

Be conscious of the feeling of the air leaving your lungs.

Step 5: Hold your breath again

Hold your breath for the same slow count of four before repeating this process.