Ditch the Soft-Drinks and Save Your Pennies Too

More than half of Australians are now overweight and 25% are classified as obese. So we find it amusing that this week Coca Cola announced: it would like to see more Australians drinking one can of Coca Cola per week as a part of a 'healthy diet'...seriously!?

Coca Cola maintains that its high-sugar products (like a 600mL bottle of Coke) are not harmful. As the best-selling soft drink in almost every country on earth, in 2010 Coke was recognised as the #1 global brand in the world. Last year the company's revenue exceeded AU$60 billion!!!
So how far will they go to maintain a reputation (and a revenue) like that? Just recently Coca Cola's chief scientist stepped down after she was found to have arranged a donation of $1.5 million towards anti-obesity research, persuading researchers to shift the blame of obesity away from sugary drinks.

So here at Waters Family Chiropractic, we've got a better idea. Next time you are tempted to buy a coke or soft drink to satisfy your genetic sweet tooth, save your money (and your health) by putting $2 in a bottle of coke instead. Be sure to take off the label though, to avoid inevitable sugar cravings (a result of Coca Cola's 130 years of successful marketing and branding)
And voila! Before you know it, you'll be cruising the Bahamas on your yacht with the amount you've save. Got any other creative ideas to avoid sugar? Send them through and we'll be sure to share them around!

And the answer to the question? $880!! 

Photo reference: http://beafunmum.com