Positive Mind, Healthy Body

Positive mindset is the most under-rated concept in health care.

The way you think has a significant physiological effect on the body. Positive thoughts limit stress on the body, decreasing the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) while increasing the release of dopamine and serotonin (the feel-good hormones). That's why your thoughts influence how well your body functions, affecting focus, relaxation, digestion, sleep, recovery and pain. 

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.

You'll be amazed how simply thinking positive will create a healthier and happier you.  Here are 3 simple strategies to help get you started:

1. Know Yourself: How are you feeling? Now ask yourself, how are you 'really' feeling? Scan your body and note where you are holding tension. Clear your mind and hear what your body is telling you. And most importantly, start each day with a grateful heart.

2. Make a Change: Remove yourself from negative influences and avoiding spending time with negative people. Enhancing the way you think requires enhancing your environment. Just something as simple as cleaning up / rearranging your personal space can do wonders for your mood.

3. Take Action: This can be as simple as just deciding to do something and actually doing it! We always feel better when we start something new and get things done. Or perhaps it's just getting out and about and enjoying life.

  • Walk along the foreshore and spot the dolphins in Mandjar bay.
  • Go for a ride along Mandurah's bicycle trails
  • Watch the sunset along the beach in Halls Head or Madora Bay 
  • Take a scenic drive out to Dwellingup for a day trip.